About us




Searching for the best activewear over the years, Dr. Kimberly Dao became frustrated at pieces that lost its style as well as shape and elasticity over time.  This led her to wear only a couple of her rare favorite pieces out of the dozens she would buy. She decided to put all of her favorite features into one set. She decided to make classic timeless pieces of activewear that compressed, smoothed and enhanced everyone's body. Timeless pieces that had fun prints but classic enough to withstand the test of time .

While building for her sister pre-workout company, GRIND, Dr. Dao decided to go for it and utilize her creative side.   

Smitten Kitten Activewear was developed for just those reasons. Classic, stylish active wear with luxurious material is what separates Smitten Kitten from other brands. 

            Smitten Kitten is an eco-friendly sustainable luxury brand. From day one, our core mission has been to be a label that is sustainable, environmentally-conscious and ethical.

             At Smitten Kitten we aim to make the best choices for our planet when it comes to production and shipping. Where we can, we use reclaimed and recycled materials. Our commitment to lead Smitten Kitten with the planet as our priority is our core mission. 

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